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Vehicular Emergency System Using Tracking System and XBee Technologies with SDN

T. Padma, S. Rajeshwari, S. Shalini


IoT (Internet of Things) is the network technology where all the embedded devices are connected to the Internet through these connected devices we can transfer the data over the network without human intervention. An accident detecting system using raspberry pi is a method for designing the sensors to detect an accident. The accelerometer sensor will detect the accident (inclination and vibration produced in the vehicle during accident) and the GPS module will provide the geographical location details of the accident area. The data produced by accelerometer sensor and GPS module processed by Raspberry Pi and the data will be sent to Twilio. Immediately, the Twilio system automatically sends accident location information to emergency services, such as the hospital, police station, fire brigade, etc. We are using SDN technology in this paper for sending packets and XBee technology for wireless network communication.


Internet of things, GPS, Twilio, Rasberry Pi, SDN, XBee.

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