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An Enhanced Traffic less Cooperative Proxy Caching for Peer to Peer Network

K. Sangeetha, T. Parameswaran, V. Krishna Kumar, K. Kalai Selvi, T. Shanmuga Priya


Cooperative proxy caching method have been proposed for reduce the burden produced by P2P traffic on Internet Service Providers (ISPs).In this paper, we propose two models for cooperative proxy caching of P2P traffic. The first model enables cooperation among caches in different autonomous systems (ASs), second model enables cooperation among caches within the same autonomous system. Then we propose simple object replacement polices for web caching in peer-to-peer network. Then we analyse different angles of cooperative caching schemes, our results are: 1) significant improvement in byte hit rate, 2) the simple object replacement polices are sufficient to attain maximum gain.3) the overhead produced by cooperative caching is negligible.4) the P2P traffic imposed on ISPs are reduced significantly. Our model confirms substantial gains from cooperative caching are attainable under wide range of traffic and network characteristics.


Peer-to-Peer Systems, Web Caching, Cooperative Caching, Traffic Modelling, Object Replacement Policies

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