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Efficient Energy Consumption Mechanism for Wireless Networks

R. Kesavan, Dr.V. Thulasibai


In cooperative networks, transmitting and receiving nodes recruit neighboring nodes to assist in communication. We model a cooperative transmission link in wireless networks as a transmitter cluster and a receiver cluster. We then propose a cooperative communication protocol for establishment of these clusters and for cooperative transmission of data. We derive the upper bound of the capacity of the protocol, and we analyze the end-to-end robustness of the protocol to data-packet loss, along with the tradeoff between energy consumption and error rate. The analysis results are used to compare the energy savings and the end-to-end robustness of our protocol with two non-cooperative schemes, as well as to another cooperative protocol published in the technical literature. The comparison results show that, when nodes are positioned on a grid, there is a reduction in the probability of packet delivery failure by two orders of magnitude for the values of parameters considered. Up to 80% in energy savings can be achieved for a grid topology, while for random node placement our cooperative protocol can save up to 40% in energy consumption relative to the other protocols. The reduction in error rate and the energy savings translate into increased lifetime of cooperative sensor networks.


Clustering, Cooperative Transmission, EWMA, Can, Sensor Networks

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