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Biometric Cloud-Based Ration Card System Using RFID and GSM Technology

K. Bala Karthik


This paper describes the development of a cloud-based biometic ration card system using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and GSM technology. The existing conventional ration card system has numerous problems. These problems ranges from the basic issues of renewing the ration card every year by pasting excess leaves which has to be done manually by the employees to the malpractices done by the ration store dealers like diverting food grains to open market to make profits. There is another problem of irregularity in opening shops and false announcements of deficit in food grains. All the above problems in the existing ration card system can be tackled by this proposed ration card system using RFID. The user can buy whatever he wants by just flashing the ration card at the RFID reader at the ration store. The user authentication is done by sending a random password text to the user mobile which has to be entered in a keypad and by scanning the finger print .The purchase is validated by the employee only after the details are entered in a windows application which is connected to the cloud which stores the user’s personal and purchase information. Above all the user can always check their purchase details in a dedicated website.


Cloud, Finger Print, GSM, RFID, Ration Card, Sensor

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