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Secured Cloud Based Healthcare System for Transformation Infrastructure

P. Anbumani, N.M. Abroja


The use of Cloud Computing in healthcare system increased rapidly because it reduces the cost and accessibility of data. The major factor in the cloud environment is to ensure the security of data in healthcare system. The healthcare system uses cloud computing, as an user often stores sensitive information and classified medical data with cloud service providers. Dealing with “single-cloud” is far more vulnerable to failure of service unavailability. Storing the data in single-cloud, there is a possibility of malicious insiders. So due to this reason it is less popular in healthcare, as medical healthcare systems needs security. For security concern an advanced model is “multi-cloud”. This paper provides insecurity in single-cloud has received more focus from researchers in terms of security vulnerabilities rather than a   multi- cloud environment.


Byzantine Protocols, Depsky, Multi-Clouds, Secret Sharing Scheme.

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