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Linux Architecture and Advantages

Bhumika S. Zalavadia


Operating system (OS) is the main driving force without which a computer can’t work. People who are using the computer either desktop or laptop, are generally aware of which operating system has been installed in their computers, but they do not know how it is working internally. Operating system word is related to not only desktop or laptop computers. Other devices like tablets and mobile phones also have operating system. Many different operating systems are available in market like Microsoft Windows, UNIX, LINUX, IOS, Android and many more. All the operating systems can’t work in all types of electronic devices. For example Windows OS is best suited for desktop and laptop computers. It can also work with mobile phones. Android and IOS are mobile OS and can be used with mobile phones and tables. This paper covers the details of LINUX operating system and the reason why it is more beneficial to use it.


Operating System, Linux, Open Source, Architecture, Threats, Kernel, Shell, Distributions, Installation

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