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Performance Investigation of CO-OFDM WDM Network with Filters and FBG

Kulwinder Kulwinder, Harmandar kaur


An attractive modulation format that received a lot of attention these days is coherent detection orthogonal frequency division multiplexing. Optical OFDM received a great attention after proposing it as a modulation technique for long haul transmission in both direct and coherent detection. However, CO-OFDM is the next generation technology for optical communication, as it integrates advantages of both coherent systems and OFDM system. It helps to overcome chromatic dispersion and polarization mode dispersion. Inter symbol interference is caused by chromatic dispersion and it is serious issue in systems whose bit rate is higher. In this paper, CO-OFDM is integrated with WDM system and different filters performance are compared that will provide the transmission system with high bandwidth and high spectral efficiency.



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