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Integrating Security Model for Introducing Advanced Security in Mobile Agents

Rajan Sahota, Ramandeep Kaur


A mobile agent is a software program that can migrate from host to host to collect information on behalf of its owner. With the concept of mobile agent, the execution process will go to the place where the data are available, data will not send to the place of execution process. However, it has not become popular due to some problems such as security, fault tolerance etc. The fact that computers have complete control over all the programs makes it very hard to protect mobile agents from untrusted hosts. So, the issue of protecting a mobile agent from a malicious host is a more difficult problem than protect a host from a malicious agent. This paper proposes advanced security model for the mobile agent security against malicious hosts by combining few techniques so that it can provide a better solution.


Security, Mobile Agents, Mobile Code, Malicious Host.

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