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An Overview of IEEE 802.11ac: Gigabit Wireless LAN

Prajakta Sandeep Jadhav


IEEE 802.11ac standard introduces gigabit data rates to 802.11 wireless networking. The maximum data rates with 802.11ac will be ten times faster than with the 802.11n standard. Among the wireless technologies for 2.4GHz and 5GHz unlicensed bands, WiFi has significantly transformed our networking culture at home, office, and public places to the extent that its presence has become a necessity. On the other hand, such presence has transformed adjacent technologies like cellular communications and smart grid by its off-loading capacity and low-power capability respectively. To fulfill the new demands, IEEE and the WiFi industry are delivering the 802.11ac that has astonishing maximum raw data rate of 6.9Gbps with the fairest techniques to coexist with other users of the unlicensed band. These data rates will significantly enhance Wi-Fi usages such as wireless display and sync-and-go. In this paper we mentioned analysis of 802.11ac and its techniques.


WLAN, Data Syncing and Backing Up, Video Streaming, Spectrum Changes

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