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Design of Enhanced Cross-layer Handoff Management Protocol for Next Generation Wireless Systems

M. Lakshmanan, V. Noor Mohammed, S. Nandakumaar


In Next-generation wireless systems (NGWS), different wireless network is integrated and each of the networks is optimized for some specific services to provide ubiquitous communications to the mobile users. It is an important and challenging issue to support seamless handoff management in this integrated architecture. This paper deals about design of enhanced cross-layer handoff management protocol HMP) and is developed to support seamless intra and intersystem handoff management in NGWS. Cross-layer handoff management protocol uses mobile’s speed and handoff signaling delay information to enhance the handoff performance of Mobile IP in terms of probability of false handoff initiation and probability of handoff failure. Firt, thehandoff performance of Mobile IP is analyzed with respect to its sensitivity to the link layer (Layer 2) and network layer (Layer 3)parameters. Then enhanced cross-layer handoff management architecture is developed using the insights learnt from the analysis.Finally, simulation results show that CHMP significantly enhances the performance of both intra and intersystem handoffs independent of mobile terminal velocity and network handoff latency.


HMP, Link Layer, Mobile IP, Network Layer and

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