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Design and Implementation of a Novel Cryptographic Mail Composer

S. N. Sivanandam, P. Visalakshi, S. Balamurugan


In today’s dynamic and information rich environment, information systems have become vital for any organization to survive. With the increase in the dependence of the organization on the information system, there exists an opportunity for the competitive organizations and disruptive forces to gain access to other organizations information system. This hostile environment makes information systems security issues critical to an organization.This paper describes the implementation of a Cryptographic Mail Composer, in an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that is used to send the mail in encoded format. By using this encoding method the mail will be sent very safe, the preventing the hackers from reading the mail. The mailer is used to send the encrypted mail directly to the mail box as it is. It can also send the effective html page, images and textual mails. Instead of this, the composer will send the mail with the enclosures and not as attachment.


Mail Composer, Cryptography, Encryption,Decryption, Integrated Development Environment

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