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An Approach for Scaling Resources for Applications in Cloud

Ankita A. Rathor, Amar Buchade


Elasticity is an important feature of cloud, because of which many organizations shift their business on to the cloud. As the number of applications is increasing day by day so, the application requests are also increasing. This gives rise in increment of workload in cloud nodes. Elasticity in cloud refers to efficient utilization of available resources keeping in mind that no single system is idle or no any system is heavily loaded during the active phase of the request completion. We modeled the system as Modified Class Constraint Bin Packing Problem where the bins are the servers, items are the applications and the class constraint is on the number of applications. The goal is to pack the applications on to minimum number of servers. We proposed an algorithm for the system which will satisfy the user requests and will take care of optimal resource utilization.


Cloud Computing, CCBP, Elasticity, Virtualization.

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