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Ways to Use Mobile Phones Safely

Bhumika S. Zalavadia


In today’s modern life it is almost impossible to image the life without mobile phones. As today’s life is very fast and vibrant, most of all the tasks of routine life are carried out with the help of mobile phones. From home to market, schools to colleges, local shops to industries, government sectors to private sectors everywhere mobile is there. There are so many inventions in mobile world and as we know today’s mobile phones are very smart in features. But it is very much important to use mobile phones safely as unsafe use of mobile phones may harm your physical and mental status. Each user should know how to use mobile phones safely as it is connected with our routine use. There are so many advantages of mobile phones as so many tasks become very easy to do with mobile phones but at the same time its unsafe use may create serious problems too.


Mobile, Radiation, Signal, Location, Bluetooth, GSM, IMEI, Internet, Wi-Fi

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