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Discovering and Depurating Scheme for Wormhole Attack in Wireless Mesh Network

Sruthy O. Damodaran, Sindhu  S Nair


Wireless Mesh Network is one the most special application network because of its unique characteristics. Attacks are important challenging issue in networking. The Wormhole attack is the one of the most aggressive and unmerciful attack. In wormhole attack, a tunnel is established by two or more malicious nodes and one node captures the packets and tunnels them to another node. This attack is difficult to detect and no one can predict what the wormhole nodes does. In the proposed system, the network has to be considered as in a hierarchical clustered manner, where each communication is possible through cluster heads. A Weighted Clustering Algorithm (WCA) is adopted to select the Cluster Head (CH) and the rearrangement of the network as clusters by advertising of CH to its neighborhood.  The system is then desired to discover the wormhole attack in communication through adopted digital signature for authentication and depurating the malicious nodes which create the wormhole tunnel by CH from its neighbor table list. The CH advertises this information to its neighbors. The proposed scheme also uses the forwarding path method for secure data transmission efficiently and also try to minimize the control overhead.


Wireless Mesh Network, Wormhole Attack

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