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A Review on Wireless Networks and it's Architectures

Ruqiang Yan, Hanghang Sun


Wireless Sensor network is used nowadays almost everywhere. Wireless Sensor Network includes the devices which may contain circulating, self-directed, low powered devices called as sensor nodes which require spatially distributed, little, battery-operated, embedded devices that are networked in such a way that they will collect, process, and transfer data to the operators, and it has controlled the capabilities of computing & processing [1]. Nodes are very important factor to form the network. Sensors which are multifunctional, energy efficient wireless device are required to collect the data from different areas and send it to the required Controller. The output of the sensor is generally an electrical signal that is transmitted to a controller for further processing. Thus in this paper we will discuss about the working of Wireless Sensor Network.


Sensor Node, Wireless Sensor Network, Controller, Mobile Network.

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