Vol 3, No 5 (2011)

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Network Based Virtual Compilation – C/C++ and JAVA PDF
Shiv Sutar, Umesh Mergu, Swapnil Thale 281-284
Cloud Computing: Practice of Efficient Approaches, Techniques and Challenges for Data Centers PDF
S. Manimegalai, C. Sumithiradevi, Dr.M. Punithavalli 285-288
Consolidation of Projects & Applications for Challenged Networks PDF
Hemal Shah, Yogeshwar. P. Kosta, Maitrey Patel 289-296
Enhanced Matrix Bloom Filter for Weak Password Identification PDF
Arulanand Natarajan, S. Subramanian, Dr.K. Premalatha 297-305
Synchronization in Chaotic Communication PDF
R. Raja Kumar, Dr.A. Sampath, Dr.P. Indumathi 306-311
Towards Development of QoS Based Data and Service Oriented Mashup Platform PDF
J.M. Gnanasekar, T.V. Anil Kumar 312-320
Motion Capture for Computer 3D Character Animation PDF
G. Dheepa, Dr.S. Sukumaran, K. Prabha 321-325
An Adaptive Reliable Multipath Centralized RWA Algorithm for All-Optical WDM Networks PDF
T.K. Ramesh, Sandeep Kumar Konda, M. Swaraj Teja, Harshadeep Harshadeep, P.R. Vaya 326-331
Energy Aware Next Hop and Route Selection with Improved Throughput (ENT) for Wireless Sensor Network PDF
S. Barani, Dr.C. Gomathy 332-338
Improving the Performance of Selfish Overlay Routing by Increasing the Throughput and Decreasing the Loss Rate Using Nash Equilibrium PDF
S. Prayla Shyry, V. Ramachandran 339-343
Implementation of XTEA in FPGA to Resolve the Attacks on TEA PDF
M. Manjupriya, S. Senthil Kumar 344-349
Load Balancing in Mesh Based Wireless Network Using Cluster Re-Configuration Algorithm PDF
P. Vinoth Kumar, B. Chandra Mohan 350-354
Mobile Agent Based Cooperative Intrusion Detection System and Minimization of Malicious Packet Losses PDF
J. Arokia Renjit, Dr.K.L Shunmuganathan 355-360
Dynamic Ad Insertion in Triple-Play Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) PDF
Chitresh Markanda, Dattaprassanna Singbal, Snehal Sontale 361-367

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