Vol 6, No 5 (2014)

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Setting up based Private Cloud Using Open Stack PDF
D. Anish Nirmal, K. Arunkumar, V. Girish, R. Arunkumar 177-182
Power Conservation Target Tracking in Sensor Network Using Sleep Scheduling PDF
S. Sathis Kumar, A. Suresh Kumar 183-187
SVM Based Network Traffic Classification Using Correlation Information PDF
R.S. Anu Gowsalya, S. Miruna Joe Amali 188-192
Review of MANET: Applications & Challenges PDF
Manpreet Singh, Malti Sarangal, Gurpreet Singh 193-197
Effective Privacy Preserving In Leakage Upper Bound Constraints Using Cloud PDF
S. Hemalatha, S. AlaudeenBasha, N. Premkumar 198-201
Data Security and Privacy in Cloud Using RC6 and SHA Algorithms PDF
O.M. Soundararajan, Y. Jenifer, S. Dhivya, T.K.P. Rajagopal 202-205
An Enhanced Security Algorithm for Data Transmission in Cloud Computing PDF
P. Suganthi, E. Mahalakshmi 206-209
Privacy-Preserving in Public Auditing for Secure Cloud PDF
G. Balamurugan, S. Alaudeen Basha, T. Parthiban 210-212
Prevention of Wormhole and Blackhole Attacks by Detecting Wormhole Nodes Using Countermeasure with AHP PDF
A. Ayisha Parveen, M. Saithun Bushra, M. Islabudeen 213-217

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