Vol 5, No 5 (2013)

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Achieving Maximum Throughput and Low Delay in Wireless Multi-hop Networks using Q-CSMA/CA Algorithm PDF
S. Kousalya, Dr.K. Ruba Soundar, K. Selva Murugan 233-238
Life Saving App: Blood Donor Application for Android Mobile PDF
R. Vanitha, P. Divyarani 239-243
Accessibility Assessment of Cloud SaaS Based E-Government for People with Disabilities in India PDF
B. Gohin, Dr. Viji Vinod 244-250
Robust Security and Network Monitoring Using IP Packet Filtering PDF
M.D. Swetha, A. Ajil Aylwin 251-255
Adaptive Amplitude Clipping PAPR Reduction Technique using Extended Peak Reduction Tone Set PDF
Shripad P. Mohani, Shipra Sarkar, Mukul S. Sutaone 256-259
A Node-based Slot Algorithm for STDMA in WMNs PDF
J. Soniya, Dr.R. Nedunchelian 260-262
Intrusion Detection and Defense against DDoS Attack in Virtual Network Systems PDF
S. Raichal, Dr.R. Nedunchelian 263-267
A Energy Efficient Routing Method for Under Water Aural Sensor Network PDF
S. Prabhu, V. Kandasamy, R. Murgan 268-270

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