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Design of PI Controller for Multi Output Boost Converter

K. Deepa, Abhay Gopi, Jyothis Sebastian, Arjun M. Sathyan, K. Sarad Manaswin, M. Shivapramod


The main objective of this paper is to achieve a feedback enabled multi output boost converter (MOBC) by combining power electronics and process control concepts. A multi output boost converter produces multiple outputs from a single input. It provides two or more output voltages from a single input voltage. The implementation of feedback enabled MOBC comprises of basic MOBC unit, two comparators and a PI Controller. The PI (Proportional-Integral) controller here as such controls MOBC output based on its error input obtained as a result of comparison of MOBC output and setpoint. The use of electronic PI controller contributes to better stability of output and acts as a corrective mechanism to the MOBC.


Multi Output Boost Converter (MOBC), Proportional Integral Controller (PI Controller), Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)

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