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Power Factor Corrected Battery Charger for Electric Vehicle

A. Sivaprasad, K. Deepa, K. Mathew


Power electronic circuits comprising of AC-DC converters and DC-DC converters are Integral part of modern day electric vehicle. Batteries play a major role in a electric vehicle. Thus the selection and implementation of battery charger using DC-DC converter has important role in the development of electric vehicle. In addition to this, the existing battery chargers are without power factor correction which will affect the life and performance of the battery. So this paper presents a charging circuit for batteries used in electric vehicle with the concept of power factor correction. This paper emphasis the necessity for a boost converter for the power factor correction. Half bridge converter topology is implemented for battery charging purpose and it is simulated using MATLAB software with rectifier and boost circuit for verifying the improvement in power factor correction. The power factors and harmonic distortion obtained are presented and analysed in detailed.


Power Factor Correction (PF), Boost Converter, Battery Charger, DC-DC Converter, Half Bridge Converter

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