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A Proposed Approach for Evaluating the Support Ticketing System in Enhancing Customer Relationship

Mohamed Salaheldin Ahmed, Mohamed Ahmed Ragab, Sameh Mohamed Samir, Mahmoud Abdelaal Abdallah, Atef Raslan


Customer engagement and satisfaction become important topics for most companies and are hard to achieve. Traditionally, companies work hard to overcome difficulties in processing customer requests, incidents, and complaints, as well as difficulty in evaluating the performance of their staff in responding to customer requests, moreover, it is hard to keep track of all interactions with customers.

Using Support Ticketing Systems helps companies achieve customer satisfaction and evaluate the efficiency of the company's staff in meeting the needs of customers and keeping them engaged. So, we propose an approach to evaluate the Support Ticketing System and its role in enhancing customer relationships.


Support Ticketing System, Customer Engagement, Customer Satisfaction, Checklist, Quality Checklist, GQM.

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