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A Study on the Use 3D Animation & CG in Digital Media Education to Support the Students Between the Age Groups 20 to 30

B. Senthil Kumar


The paper presents the use of 3D animation & Computer Graphics for learning of Digital Media education among the adult learners between the age groups 20 to 30. 3D animation plays a vital role in the field of education. This paper critically analyses use of Autodesk MAYA animation soft ware technologies to learn digital media subjects. It discusses about the usage of 3D Animation material in different geographical location particularly in Tamil Nadu. It analyses the use 3D Animation learning materials. Autodesk MAYA 2010 released by Autodesk University (USA) is a kind of animation software. Therefore, it is used by many animation colleges in India. On the above of research, the paper examines the Digital media awareness level among the students in Tamil Nadu. It also finds a solution on how to use and integrate Autodesk MAYA learning materials with the current multimedia learning system for better learning.


Autodesk MAYA 2010, 3D Animation & CG, Animation & Learning, Learning Materials, Digital Media Education

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