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Just Walk-Out Technology - Amazon Go!

V. Praveena, P. Vedhasree


Amazon is reverse engineering the offline-to-online transformation buy going from a pure online player to now launching physical real-world stores. They already know the online digital playing field and how to serve customers through behavioral data and smart algorithms, and now, with physical stores they may be a very disruptive force in retail and path the way for more disruptors to follow and challenge traditional retail.

In 2016 November, Amazon opened its first real physical bookstore in Seattle, the company’s home city. And it has continued to open staffed pickup points at universities across the U.S. Earlier this year Amazon said they were planning to open up 400 physical bookstores with the first bookstores already open and operational in California, Oregon and Washington with Illinois and Massachusetts coming soon.

And today, Amazon announced the opening of its Amazon Go stores, where a range of groceries will be available in a highly automated digital first store environment using all the   latest     Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technologies. No lines. checkout. No seriously.


AI, QR Code, No Checkout, Just Walk Out Technology.

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