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Interoperability of Test Case Repository and Defect Tracking Tool through Web Services

Umesh Kumar Mishra


Software testing is expensive, typically consuming roughly half of the total costs involved in software development. Yet,it remains the primary method through which confidence in software is achieved. A large amount of the resources spent on testing are applied on the difficult and time consuming task of locating quality test data;automating this process is vital to advance the state-of-the-art in software testing. The problem is finding a set of input data (test cases)thatsatisfies a certain test criterion. It required the sound knowledge of domain as well as technology to create the test cases. The test cases created in each project for validation of input fields, functionality,performance and security and so on. This paper is proposing an approach for central repository of test cases with integration of Bugzilla. A Web service layer developed using NuSOAP on top of Test case Repository and Bugzilla to facilitate information exchange between Test Case Repository and Bugzilla. This helps to reduce the test case creation, review, execution and project testing cost. It provides an interface to create the new test case according to the project/domain, use the existing test cases from the repository and customize the same as per project requirement. Searching and adding metadata of the test cases. These test cases would use in Rational
Functional/Performance tester to generate the script during the automation testing.


Bugzilla, Metadata, NuSOAP, Repository, Software Testing, Test Case, Web Services

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