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Color Analyzer a Software Application for Persons with Disability of Color Blindness

Syed Asif Ali


The graph of disability speedily increases all over the globe. Medically disability is categorized into various types namely, blindness, deafness, physical disabilities, mental disabilities etc. Beside These types there are several types of hidden disabilities; one of them is called color blindness. Color-blindness is normally hereditary and includes a range of conditions where those conditions are characterized by an inability to see certain colors in the normal spectrum, currently there is no known cure. The main focus of this research work is to develop a software application which helps color blind people for identification of different colors spectrum. There is no cure or treatment for color blindness. Most of the people with this disorder learn to live with the problem and learn how to adjust to it. The suggested software application will help color blind persons to overcome their problem in daily life routine. This application is also beneficial for every color blind person, no matter which field he/she belongs to.


Color Blindness, Cones, Rods

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