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Survey of Game Base Learning for Education

J. Swetha, Dr. S. Sridhar


Game based learning is a game that is used for developing the education system for students. Game based learning particularly designed based upon the student ability. It is designed with an explicit intention foe the students. Games are help to learn about lessons, understand the culture or history; people help to learn many skills while playing game. Game based learning teaches the lessons, very faster to the students. It is helpful for students to learn all lessons interesting. Game based learning are used for slow learner to learn the lessons very easily and understand the concepts. Game based learning are used to analyze new situations and interact with each character in the game and handle all the problems in the game. Computer games and games are generally used in educational system. The objectives of the games provide variety of knowledge, experience and opportunities to apply knowledge in the virtual world. Game based learning used in the many field and they are easily understand the lessons and learn the lessons very faster in the current world.


Mobile Game, Motivation, and Computer Based Games, Problem Solving and Multimedia

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