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Energy Audit in College Campus

H. Akshaya, M. Deepika, A. Gayathri, G. Martina Hingish, Pazhanimuthu Pazhanimuthu


Energy demand is an existing problem for the developing country like India. The energy generation plays a vital role in the economic growth of the country. India is the third largest power generator and the third largest power consumer in the world, energy demand and scarcity rules the country. Energy audit and conservation can be the best solution for the raising energy demand. This project describes the energy audit methodology for the organization. Nowadays in the new trends of power market, it is a very difficult task to satisfy the power balance concepts even though the consumers are able to pay their costly demands. So the energy conservation and energy management concepts are necessary for the flexible utilities. The energy audit is a process to identify the facilities from different areas. An energy auditing system inspects and analyses the flow of energy to cut back energy consumption while not affecting the number and quality of productions undesirably. Energy monitoring is one of the important applications arising from research in Internet of Things. Suggesting the methods which reduce the energy consumption and cost of utilization. Methods such as type of lamps and fans can be used to reduce the consumption of energy. Also provides Energy monitoring system for classroom using Internet of Things. The system provides the periodic energy consumption data of the loads in the class room.


IoT-Internet of Things, LCD-Liquid Crystal Display, Wi-Fi -Wireless Fidelity.

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