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Scalable Access Limitation for Privacy-Aware Media Sharing

B. Gopinathan, S. Shalini, M. Sumithra, V. Thenmozhi


The social networks has made it easier than ever for users to share their text file, document and other media content with anybody from anywhere. It’s easy to access the user-generated media content which brings about the privacy concerns. Traditional access control mechanisms were implemented for a single access policy is made for a specific piece of the content, cannot satisfy the user privacy requirements in large-scale media data sharing systems. Instead, configuring many levels of access privileges for the shared media data content is needed. On one hand, it determines the principle of social networks in information circulation. On the other hand, it accords with the diverse social relationship among social network users. In this paper, we propose the Scalable Media Access Control (SMAC) system to enable such a configuration in a secure and in an efficient manner. The proposed system SMAC system is permitted by the Scalable Cipher Text Policy Attribute-Based Encryption (SCP-ABE) algorithm as well as a comprehensive key management schema. Also we provide formal security proof to prove the security of the proposed SMAC system. Additionally, we conduct the intensive experiments on mobile devices to demonstrate its efficiency.


Social Media Sharing, Privacy, Access Control, SCP-ABE, Scalable Media Format.

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