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Digital Libraries in Knowledge Management and Status of Librarians

Dr.V.S. Khaparde


India Today is experiencing an IT revolution and we are at the threshold of information age, the Knowledge Managers must assess and reassess the constantly changing library and information environment. There is a bright future for Knowledge Managers/ Librarians and it is not very far. Knowledge Managers individually and collectively cannot afford to ignore the changing shape of library and information services that are emerging in the globalization. The primary objective of libraries is to organize and provide access to information. In the information age, the librarians are known as Knowledge Managers, as they are handling information and knowledge management. They will play a key role in facing challenges and to explore new ways to accomplish their goals with better quality of services. Automation will help in wider use of users services. New technology helps knowledge managers to merge the functions of technical and public services. It will enable personnel in the technical services to devote more time to provide sophisticated Users services such as specialized bibliographic services and other more personalized services. The reference Librarians will be relieved from their routine jobs and allowed to devote more time to challenging tasks. Knowledge managers have to provide new and more effective services. The librarians/ Knowledge Managers of management libraries will emerge with special skills and abilities of information specialists in the dissemination of information


Knowledge, Knowledge Management, Digital Libraries, Knowledge Managers, Librarians, Information Sources.

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