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Automatic Method Level Code Clones Removal Using Refactoring

N. Kavitha, S. Suguna


To improve the design of existing software code. Refactoring doesn‟t change the observable behavior of the software; it improves its internal structure. Software clones appear for a variety of reasons, among which the most obvious is the reuse of existing code (by copy and paste for example), logic or design. Several studies show that about 5% to 20% of software systems can contain duplicated code, which is basically the result of copying existing code fragments and using then by pasting with or without minor modifications. In this paper, we propose a clone removal by refactoring. The refactoring is done with the help of clone manager. It is designed to improve the understandability of the code or change its structure and design, and remove dead code, to make it easier for human maintenance in the future.


Refactoring, Duplicated Code, Function Extraction, Generalisation, Renaming, Clone Pair, Clone Clusters.

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