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A GUI Search Engine Based On Natural Language Processing

P. Dhamodran, P. Priyadharsini, S. Sasipriya


Recently the growth of internet. World Wide Web has become significant infrastructure in various fields such as business, commerce, education and so on. Accordingly, a user has gathered information by using the internet. However due to the increasing web pages. It becomes difficult for a user to collect desirable information. Advanced web search engines may provide solution to some extent. It is still up to a user to summarize or extract meaningful information from such retrieval results. Natural language processing is part of the artificial intelligence domain .This paper attempts to apply natural language to a machine(computer) and it can be processed and interpreted in a human like manner. This research implements a natural language in a graphical user interface search engine system in order to increase the capability of natural language processing. Then, the text is searched in the internet for more information and displayed. This information translated into audio and the user can send the e-mail directly throw the agent .This paper presents GET-IT- a system for automatic forum data extraction. It extracts data from heterogeneous web pages and matches it to a unified data schema.


Information Extraction, Voice Translation

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