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Campaigning Ingeniously in Social Networks with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Dr. S. Sasikala, S. Saranya, A. G. Aghilan, Nandhu Pradeep


Social media thrives upon open, transparent conversations based on trust. And coupled with its viral nature, it is often elected above other mediums to drive a message home. Brands are increasingly adopting the social media route, especially when it comes to executing corporate social responsibility. This year, some innovative CSR campaigns that show promise as well as are an indicator of the evolution of social media has been released. The social value of ‘like/share’ and the power of the social network have been put to clever use. Here, in this paper a collection of 5 impressive CSR campaigns that have leveraged the power of social media is discussed.


Search Engine, Google, Bing, Spam, Ranking

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