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Review Paper on Language Shift

C. Shraddha, Pankaj Dwivedi, S. B. Akshay, R. Ashwin, Dheeraj Ajay Mulegadhe, B. B. Dhanush


This is a paper on the topic “Language Shift”. Language shift is the process where population of a region in which more than one language speaken abandon their original vernacular language in favour of another. Language shift is the procedure where a speaker of a region in a contactable scene i.e. consisting of bilingual speakers drastically stops speaking one of its two languages in fond of the other. The normal cause of language shifts are casually considered to be socialistic, and researcher have focused on speakers attributes both external and unstated toward a language and domain of language use in the communites, as well as other micro socialogical factors. Additionally researchers has focused on the effect of language shift, normally on the changing structure of the language itself. An apparent time analytic showed an externally motivating changes in the status of the sociolinguistic variable that is evidental for a shift in the dominanting language in the region. A second change in progress, variable deletion of intervocalic, is described for the first time as an internally-motivated change; Evidence is also presented to propose that the behavior of the transitional generation shows interesting characteristics with regard to these two variables as a result of shifting language


Language Contact, Linguistic Diversity, Socioeconomic, Regional Language, Multilingualism, Linear Regression Trend Line, Regional Language, Dialects.

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