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Imporve the Software Quality: Using Software Defect Criteria

S. Sarika, Dr. T. Sasipraba


Software reliability design criteria, one of the primary means to improve software reliability, could help to summarize experience and lessons learned. Now days, more an more organizations are putting emphasis on the collection and utilization o f software defects. Software defects are the root causes for software failures, Therefore, software reliability design criteria based on the analysis of the defects could avoid the occurrence of similar defects and improve software quality. This paper presents a method, to improve test decision in software testing based on defect patterns, then an exact interval computation can be used in defect test algorithms of DTS. Out experiment shows that the DTS using this method, can reduce the False Rate and Drop Defect Rate Effectively.


Software Testing, Control Flow Iteration, Software Defect Patterns, Defect Prevention.

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