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Rewriting Common Sub-Expressions for Optimizing Multiple SPARQL Queries

R. Gomathi, C. Sathya, Dr D. Sharmila


A World Wide Web Consortium standard for processing Resource Description Framework data is a SPARQL query language, a technique that is used to encode data in meaningful manner. Multi Query optimization (MQO) is a technique in which multiple query plans for satisfying a query are examined and a good query plan is identified. Query optimization is performed by grouping into individual clusters using common substructures in the multiple SPARQL queries. The foundations of SPARQL query and Query Optimization technique for Multiple SPARQL queries are investigated. An Efficient algorithm for identifying the common sub expressions is executed. A comprehensive set of query rewriting rules for the clustered group is proposed and finally Query execution provide the final result of optimized query. The proposed method is effective and efficient for optimized SPARQL query.



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