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A Study on Computer Threats and Virus Prevention

A. P. Thangamuthu, G. Vadivel, A. Priyadharshini


Security is a basic component of every computer. Security of computer technology, known as Information Security, compatible with computer and networks is security. This is a threat to any user who uses the computer network. Computer viruses will not be affected if the computer is not connected to the outside world. In this case, it is the Internet. This virus can be used as a medium to spread the virus completely. Many types of viruses spread on the Internet. Some of them are aimed at making money, and there is only one functionality and system performance. Some techniques are used to prevent viral transmission. The user's data will be publicly transmitted and protected from viral attacks. Techniques involving the prevention and prevention of viruses against computer networks will detect viral properties and functions


Security, Technology, Information, Computer, Networks, Virus, System.

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