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Opinion Mining and Sentiment Analysis on Factors and Events That Affect Crypto-Currencies

Sanjay Aradhyamath, Anish T Kini, V. Santhosh Mayuram


The rise of social media and the massive amount of data it generates has prompted researchers to investigate the possibility of using it to uncover secret information. As a result, the research community is becoming increasingly interested in two areas: opinion mining and sentiment analysis. Data is being generated in large amounts every day as a result of a growing number of users being introduced to the internet and its vast variety of platforms. Web documents have gotten a lot of attention in recent years as a new source of individual thoughts and experiences. This rise was attributed to the widespread availability of documents on the internet, as well as the fact that many of them were already machine-readable at the time of acquisition. In this paper, we look at the patterns that emerge as a result of the distribution of opinions around the internet. We examine the impact of public opinion in the real world.


Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, NERC, NLTK, Opinion Mining, Sentiment Analysis.

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