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Multipoint Conference Tree Approach for VOIP Network

K. Shamganth, M.P. Reena


Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is currently a popular research topic as a real time voice packet transmission method. The Intelligence behind the IP telephony is segmenting a series of packets and transmitting them across the IP network. Multipoint Conferences are calls in which three or more conference members are involved or it refers to a group of members in a network which communicate with each other with in a group. In this paper we presented a new approach to construct effective conference trees for multimedia multi point conferences. With our approach, multipoint conferences take place with a tree topology, rather than a star topology. Each conference tree is rooted at the conference initiator and spans over all the conference members. Conference data is sent to the tree directly from the branch at which the sender is located. The simulation is performed using OPNET Modeler14.0 to analyze Ethernet Load and Delay. The potential benefit of Conference Tree approach is bandwidth efficiency and low joins latency usage. RTP protocol is also implemented in order to send and receive data traffic between two Media Gateways.


VOIP, Multipoint Conference Tree, Megaco/H2.48

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