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E-Notice Board Android Application using Google Firebase Services

N. K. Abhishek, R. Rashmi


E-Notice Board Android Application helps to access online notices present on the physical devices. It is a Mobile notice board where students can easily access the application using their login credentials and view the virtual notices. This notice includes text and images as a information to the users. The main Objective of this application is to “Replace paper documents with electronic documents, in the academic area". This android application is used to convey the messages to all the students and the students can access the notices from their android phone only when they have installed the apk file on the android devices. Because the data published by the admin will be directly stored on the cloud students can access the notices anywhere and at anytime. In this application, Firebase platform is used in this project which provides database as a service and backend services. It provides the real-time database for the application. When admin posts the notice from his terminal which includes text and image stores in different containers of Firebase. The user can retrieve data/information by just a single tap on the notice on the dashboard of the application by doing this image and text message will be loaded from the database.


Dalvik Virtual Machine (DVM), Java Virtual Machine (JVM), Android Package Kit (APK).

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