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Realization of Dynamic e-billing Web Application using .net Framework

A. Thiruneelakandan, Sejanus Joshua, Gracey Victor, Tasleem Yousoof, Ashivni Kumar Jaiswal


The rapidly growing material world have resulted in commercial markets, supported by commercial web applications. The rocketing Programming world has produced numerous programming languages, frameworks and IDEs. Almost each and every individual business units are thriving to market their products through their business application. Depending on the necessity of the business, their business logics have been decided and appropriate web applications were developed to satisfy the service - providers and consumers. In this paper, a method of developing a Generic Web application was proposed and demonstrated the developed application. By utilizing the .net framework and SQL server environment, the developed Generic e-billing web application generates the web forms; applies the logics on the various fields of those forms; creates the database, tables; links the forms with the tables and generates the reports. The developed application was tested using Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner and the vulnerabilities are fixed and made operationalized.


Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner, e-Billing as a Service, Generic Form Builder, IDEs, .NET, SQL Server.

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