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Implementation of Evaluation Scheme of Model Driven Architecture for Performance Evaluation

Dr. Harsh Dev, Rohit Chandra, Swasti Agrawal


This white paper is a realization which is based on an achievement of a Borland Customer in the economic industry that prefers to stay mysterious. It has been done with the evaluation scheme proposed and designed for overall performance evaluation of model driven architecture. The job undertaken is performed in three major phases Platform independent model (PIM) - Model Transformation phase (MTP) – Platform Specific Model (PSM). Initially an overall introduction has been given for which implementation has to be done. Moving further model development process is shown for grasping the nature and process of evaluation scheme. Next the total three phase evaluation scheme has been deployed to test the results. The results are collected finally which is quite favorable and matches to our expectation. The result is almost touching the best figures claimed by the performance evaluation scheme. Therefore the implementation is solely depicted on the case with some minor changes. Finally conclusion suggest some benefits after getting the problem realized and tested with performance evaluation scheme of model driven architecture.


Model Development Phase (MDP), Model Transformation Phase (MTP), Total Overall Performance (TOP).

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