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Eye (Everything You Do is Examined) - A e-Governance Initiative

M. Balashankar, S. Bharathchandran, V. Muruganantham, V. Bakkiyaraj, M. Chairmaprabhu


Now days, illegal cash flow increased by various anti-social activities. Bribe, scams and theft are the important facts for illegal cash flows. To avoid this, currencies are converted into e-money. Monitoring and reporting about the cash flow is essential for the contemporary India. So we introduces the system known as EYE (Everything You do is Examined). But these objects are not only money in our sense, capable of easy use in everyday transactions and  make all Government Services accessible to the common man and organizations in their locality, through common service delivery outlets and ensure transparency, efficiency, and reliability of such services at affordable costs to realise the basic needs of the common man. We can minimize bribe, disproportionate assets, black money and tax evasions through EYE.

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