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Definition of Related Technologies to Big Data

Uranus Kazemi


The Big data is a set of tactics and methods that require a new form of integration so that they can reveal large values hidden in large, broad, complex, and diverse sets of data. In fact, with increasing the data and the need to exploit these data, the application of macro data infrastructure has a special importance. Big data are expressed by a volume of data that cannot be managed and processed in comparison to the previous generation data. in fact, in the Big Data debate, we need to manage the data in order to extract information, discover knowledge and ultimately make decisions on different application issues correctly. In this paper, to get a deeper understanding of the Big data concept, several main technologies that are directly linked to the Big data, including cloud computing, the Internet of Things, the Data Center and Hadoop, will be introduced. Each of the related technologies will be introduced, in particular, by providing their key features. Then the relationship between that technology and the Big data will be examined in detail.


Big Data, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things (IOT), Data Center, Hadoop.

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