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Review on Lifestyle Trends of Changing Food Habits of Consumers

S. Barr, A Gilg


In terms of its contribution to GDP, employment and investment, the food processing industry is an important part of India's economy and will be a major driver of growth in India in the near future. Deputy Minister of Food Processing and Industry (GOI) JP Meena said the industry's contribution to GDP in agriculture and manufacturing amounts to 9-10%. The FSSA's goal is to integrate food laws, formulate scientific food standards, regulate the production, storage, distribution, sale and import of food, and ensure the provision of safe and healthy food for human consumption. It is to establish the Administration. The significance of the study is to get government officials to take key steps, such as taxation on unhealthy foods, subsidies for healthy foods, and promotion of health regulations. In addition, the FSSAI guidelines should be strengthened to increase customer awareness and enable food companies to choose a more transparent communication platform.


Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), Nutrition, Food Habits, Organic food, Processed food, Ready-To-Eat, Convenience Foods

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