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Role of Fault Reporting in Existing Software Industry

Sandeep Dalal, Rajender Chhillar


Fault is defined as any inappropriate behaviour of AUT (Application under Test) which could lead to the failure of the software. Fault detection and reporting goes in parallel and effective reporting of faults by tester means that the faults having high severity & priority are taken care appropriately and fixed by developer with quick turn around time & should not inject other faults, because most of the times fixing one fault injects other faults which are generally difficult to find due to lesser regression testing time and strict deadlines. This paper caters to the detailed analysis of fault reporting system which is the most important aspect of software testing life cycle & has direct impact on improvement of software quality. IFRS is proposed fault reporting system which identifies and defines all the elements of an ideal FRS which if followed will optimize the fault reporting, correction and validation process. If quality team can optimize the fault reporting process and report all the valid bugs in time, then it will certainly enhance the reliability of overall software system. A Survey was conducted among the different organizations to make a comparative analysis of fault reporting tools and to identify the major problems during fault reporting.


AUT (Application Under Test), Faults Detection, Fault Reporting, FRS (Fault Reporting System), IFRS (Ideal Fault Reporting System)

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