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Fuzzy Quality Function Deployment and Software Engineering- A Literature Review

Swati M. Bhatia, Ashish K. Sharma


Software engineering (SE) is an effective approach of software development. It includes several processes for the development of software. Recent studies have reported that the application of Quality Function Deployment (QFD) in software development can be very beneficial and can provide better results. Traditional QFD uses crisp value and linguistic variable that yields uncertainty and vagueness, due to which results achieved, are imprecise. Thus, QFD is to be integrated with fuzzy so as to provide more accurate results. Fuzzy QFD can prove highly productive in software development. This paper aims to create a data bank in this area so as to meet the referencing needs of researchers and practitioners. To make the study specific, this paper makes an attempt to present the review in well-organized groups classified as SE, QFD, QFD and Software, Fuzzy, Fuzzy and Software and finally Fuzzy QFD (FQFD) and Software. The literature review is based on the data collected from various reference banks, papers and web sources. It is assumed that the paper can serve the needs of researchers for easy references on these topics.


Crisp, Fuzzy, Fuzzy QFD (FQFD), Quality Function Deployment (QFD), Software Development, Software Engineering (SE).

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