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Software Project Management using 8D Application Techniques

Tamas D. Tarom


Software project management encompasses the knowledge, techniques, and tools necessary to manage the development of software products. Software projects have several properties that make them very different to other kinds of engineering project. Majority of the software development projects are carried out in unpredictable situations with various risks which outcome in failed conclusion of the projects. Because of the inadequate outcome of various software projects, there stimulate a requirement for expansion in software quality and including the concept of risk management in software development. FEMA is a systematic way to anticipate problems and design processes and products to reduce risks. The proposed article aims to develop and implement a management tool using the 8D quality for solve problems. In terms of results it was found that, through the transfer of knowledge from senior management to employees, showing the correct application of the tool 8D, time to resolution of the problems can be 30% lower. 


Software Project Management, Corrective Actions, FMEA

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