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Exploiting Linux Service Misconfiguration

S. Sasidaran, G. Kalpana


This paper proposes to show vulnerabilities in the Linux servers and service running on Red Hat Linux. The default configuration on Linux server is more vulnerability in the services running on Red Hat, not to the knowledge of system administrator. By pen testing in kali Linux the result shows that there will be many ports open. In Linux Red hat servers each services has its own vulnerability. This paper focuses on FTP service vulnerability, where payload is created for ftp service in Kali Linux and Red Hat server is compromised, by gaining the root credential of the particular Red Hat server. Here in Red Hat server lot of changes can be done in root file system and to any normal users, files and system information can be altered. By enhancing the security policies patches are made and the FTP server and the services is made normally available for users running.


Vulnerability, Exploit, Payload, Red Hat Linux, Kali Linux, VSFTPD.

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