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Agent-Controller based Security Infrastructure for Enterprise Network

B. Thanudas, S. Sreelal, B.S. Manoj, V. Cyril Raj, Dr. Sumathy Eswaran


Enterprise network security is becoming a very important and challenging task. Off-the-shelf tools and products are often found to be insufficient for large enterprises and government Research & Development (R&D) organizations. Many times, enterprise system administrators do not have the freedom to customize the network security systems of commercial type to the fullest needs of the enterprise. In addition, requirements of Government R&D establishments on providing the state-of-the-art information/cyber-security, are unable to be met by the commercial off-the-shelf enterprise network security suits. Such network security solutions like firewalls and intrusion detection systems (IDSs) provide only limited protection from the fast growing highly sophisticated cyber malwares (HSCMs). In this paper, we propose the agent-controller based security infrastructure for enterprise network for the use in Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) and other government scientific R&D departments. The agent-controller infrastructure is tightly integrated with the organization’s network system in order to provide a highly customized solution.


Enterprise Networks, Network Security, Highly Sophisticated Cyber Malwares, Agents, Controller, Intrusion Detection System, Firewall, Botnet, Anti-virus

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