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Hard Lock

K. Sandya Priyadharshini, K. SriVidhya, S. Sujithra, J. Dolly Irene


Now-a-days vehicle theft is one of the major issues. We propose a novel method to tackle security related issues. Applications such as vehicle tracking, sending Short Message Service (SMS) alerts, blocking petrol tank is explained in this project. Tracing and protecting the vehicle by SMS alerts. So with this project we can trace the vehicle when it is stolen by unauthorized person. The owner of the vehicle sends and SMS to the hard lock system in the vehicle so that the system can be active and it immediately blocks the petrol tank and we can trace the vehicle using the GPS system. The main objective of the proposed work is to design a next generation auto theft prevention system by adding significant enhancements and modernizing the existing system and thus try to overcome the drawbacks. The features implemented in this project are smart gravitational lock, cryptographic keyless entry, touch screen ignition, etc.


Smart Gravitational Lock, Cryptographic Keyless Entry, Touch Screen Ignition, MEMS Accelerometer, MEMS

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